Basic American Sign Language - Beginner Course

Parents / Guardians ONLY

Would you like to communicate effectively with your child who has limited expressive skills? Does your child become frustrated because others can’t understand them? Come see how learning some basic sign language can help facilitate communication between you and your child and how it can make life much less frustrating for your family! During this course, you’ll learn basic signs in a fun, relaxed environment as well as receive additional resources to help you learn more at home.

At this time, the program is for parents only.  Later in the session, the instructor will invite children to attend.


Meet the Instructor

Michelle Halvorsen is a certified Deaf Education teacher as well as a certified interpreter. Michelle taught high school science at Texas School for the Deaf from 2004-2013. Currently, Michelle works as a contractor for the outreach department at TSD and stays home with her two children. She has a B.S. in Special Education/Deaf Education from Illinois State University and an M.S. in biology from Washington University in St. Louis. Michelle has been signing since 2000, and is eager to help families learn how American Sign Language can benefit them and ease their communication at home.