DSACT's 2018 Education Seminar brings two workshops with experts in the field!

DSACT is excited to offer two workshops from first-class specialists in their fields! As educators and parents, you'll learn how to immediately implement practical strategies for the benefit of students with Down syndrome and other disabilities.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

registration is now closed.

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From previous participant:

"The Accessing the Curriculum session was fantastic! The presenters were an excellent example of how educators work together to benefit all students in the classroom. The suggestions and examples given were more in-depth than the cursory “this is what a modification is.” I took away unique and valuable tips and strategies that I could immediately bring to my son’s teachers. One of the best workshops I’ve been to!"

Seminar location

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church
Huffman Hall
8134 Mesa Drive
Austin, TX 78759

*Please park in the lot off Steck Avenue behind the church.


Tackling Reading Comprehension: Strategies and Experiences of a Diverse Specialized Panel

Reading comprehension is an area that can be particularly difficult for children/students with Down syndrome and is one that both teachers and parents struggle with. Students with Down syndrome can often decode words and even read short passages many grade levels above what they can understand. Strategies that work with students with other disabilities often do not seem to work with children with Down syndrome. What to do?
This panel will explain and demonstrate decoding vs. comprehending with research-based strategies that work with many students with disabilities and are successful with students with Down syndrome. Parent/school collaboration that ensures a student receives the specific strategies that he needs will also be addressed. Please come prepared with specific questions. We look forward to a discussion-based experience!


Laura Judd, former Texas State University Professor and former classroom teacher

Jennifer Sangave, Director of Lindamood - Bell Learning Center, Austin

Catherine Coppersmith, Teacher at Lindamood- Bell

Suzanne Shepherd, Mother of adult son with Down syndrome, DSACT Board Member

Erin Root, Eanes ISD high school teacher

Sharpen Your Skills:  Access to Grade Level Math TEKS for ALL Students in All Environments

Kimberly Cook and Patty Callaway presented at Inclusion Works! last year. They are dynamic, highly qualified individuals that demonstrate special and general education working together at its best. Those of us lucky enough to see them came away with a ton of easy-to-use ideas to help students at home and school with math.

Parents and teachers often struggle with how to implement inclusion. What should it look like? How can it work? How much work is it? Do I have the tools that I need? How can I help my child/student? This presentation offers answers applicable to many settings.

In a fast-paced presentation, you'll learn how to teach all students in one inclusive environment by looking at grade level TEKS and aligning instruction through the use of manipulatives, ord walls, visual supports, task analysis, and brain-based learning while discovering literacy connections.

You'll problem-solve using manipulatives and TEKS aligned over grade levels, exploring possible solutions to math activities. Alternatives for assessment will be considered through targeted goals and data collection. Participants will leave amazed at their own understanding of the math concepts presented and their ability to provide accessible options to students with disabilities.

Although they demonstrate with math, the concepts apply to any discipline.  If you have wondered how a general education and a special education teacher can improve any classroom, here are your answers!  You will see how this can be implemented for everyone’s benefit, teachers and students alike.

Kimberly Cook focuses on access to the curriculum for all learners. She serves educators, students, and parents through her work with Access Curriculum Together and as an adjunct instructor at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi. Her experience includes teaching diverse students in general education and special education environmen and serving as a federal programs director. Kimberly participated in Harvard Graduate School of Education's professional education course, Universal Design of Learning: New Directions for Teaching Learners with Diverse Needs.

Patty Callaway is a Mathematics Specialist with more than twenty years experience. Patty currently plays an integral role in transforming "Improvement Required" or low performing school districts into "Met Standard" ratings. Providing professional development and supporting mathematics teachers while modeling and teaching mathematics in kindergarten through eighth grade is her primary focus and passion.