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There are a variety of non-degree postsecondary options today for students with intellectual disabilities. Decisions made K-12 can have a big impact on whether your student with IDD stays on a path with postsecondary options at graduation or leaves that path.  Some of these decisions may be made “silently” without the parent getting full information about how the choice can affect a student’s path. This presentation will help parents make K-12 choices with better information about how those choices can affect college program options in young adulthood.

Suzanne C. Shepherd is an attorney who served as Director of Legal Services for Seton Healthcare, practiced law with Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody and has served on the ethics committees of several hospitals.  Suzanne is also the mother of a young man with Down syndrome who is a freshman at the George Mason LIFE college program. She has presented on Down syndrome to healthcare providers, researchers, genetics counselors and parents locally, nationally and internationally and testified on disability issues before Texas State and House legislative committees.