• AGE Building, St. David's Conference Room (map)
  • 3710 Cedar Street
  • Austin, TX 78705

We're holding a parent info session on our updated speech therapy program - PEAK - to learn all about the program's therapists, how the program is different than other speech therapy programs, and how the program works!

Might the PEAK program be for you and your child? If your child is age 4-25 years and is non-verbal or needs help with speech clarity, and you answer "yes" to these questions, mark your calendar for September 15, 10am-12pm, to attend this info session:

  1. Do you want to work with therapists in a program specifically for individuals with Down syndrome?
  2. Have you never participated in DSACT's speech therapy program, or has it been at least 12 months since you last participated?
  3. Is your child able to focus on therapy work (remain seated, behave compliantly)?
  4. Are you able to commit to attend monthly therapy sessions in south Austin?

If you answered "yes" to the above questions, please register now for the parent info session to meet the PEAK program therapists and get your program questions answered!