• Pease Park Splash Pad (map)
  • 1600 Parkway at Kingsbury
  • Austin, TX 78703

Come play and keep cool in the summer heat at the Pease Park splash pad with the Baby Talk and Ink Dots cuties! As some Baby Talk-ers begin their transition to Ink Dots, this is a great chance to have both groups together and meet some new faces!

It will be hot out, so we totally understand if you want to tuck in and keep cooler with your littler ones! We'll find a spot in the shade and have drinks and snacks for all. Feel free to invite friends or other family members! And bring a picnic blanket and towels for your crew.

We hope to see y'all there! Feel free to email Sara Dodd if you have any questions! sara.dodd84@gmail.com

*Message from New Parent Coordinator, Sara Dodd: I'm planning to make this, but we will be returning from vacation that day before, so just a heads up that there is a chance we might not make it if we're exhausted or have flight delays! Connolly Lees from Ink Dots will be the other contact there, and hopefully some of our frequent Baby Talk members can help any new families get settled and feel welcome. Thanks y'all!  <3