Summer 2017 Programs REGISTRATION

A NOTE ABOUT REGISTRATION: Our Recreational Programs have always been offered free of charge. We have begun, however, charging a nominal fee of $10 per family, a one-time "all you can eat" cost that covers the entire season from June 10- August 6. For $10 your child (and their siblings) can cook, dance, train and play to their heart's delight. 

If you are experiencing financial hardship and cannot afford this fee, you can email and we will send you an application for a scholarship to cover your costs. Accessibility is essential to everything we do.

If you have been in contrast especially fortunate this year, we encourage you to make a small donation on top of your fee to help ensure that our Programs are equally available to everyone in the community.

Registration is required for any individual to participate. Space is limited so please only register for classes that your family is able to attend regularly. Please contact the DSACT Office with any questions about the registration process or any Programs we are offering this winter.

Phone: (512) 323-0808