medical outreach

DSACT’s Medical Outreach team visits hospitals, clinics, and other medically oriented organizations throughout Central Texas to:

  • Collaboratively develop a referral process for your new and expectant patients;

  • Provide training on best practices in delivering a Down syndrome diagnosis;

  • Provide information and resources to ensure adherence to the Down Syndrome Information Act (DSIA);

  • Share resources and information about our New Parent Program

Down Syndrome Information ACt (DSIA)

Members of DSACT’s Board of Directors were instrumental in the passage of the 2015 Down Syndrome Information Act in 2015. This Act ensures that those who receive a positive screening or test for Down syndrome are provided with accurate information about Down syndrome. Medical providers are required, by Texas law, to distribute the informational handout below to parents at the time of the positive screening/test result.

Parents often want to talk with another parent who has been in their shoes, and that is what we do, so please help them connect with us! Use the forms below to refer your patients to DSACT, or email Outreach and Operations Manager Laura Whitekettle at, or call us at (512) 323-0808!

We welcome parents who have a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis and will connect them with a New Parent Coordinator within 24 hours. We talk with expectant parents who are undecided on their next steps, and we are available to visit new parents in the hospital, accompany them on a NICU tour before giving birth, or simply call/email the family. Our New Parent Coordinators provide a nonjudgmental listening ear, and abide by each family’s preferred method of communication. We offer a new parent welcome package to all new parents.

Of course we welcome individuals of all ages, and we encourage all medical providers to make a referral for any patient with Down syndrome and share DSACT’s contact information with these families.

refer a family to dsact

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians recommend additional measures and tests be conducted throughout the life of an individual with Down syndrome, in addition to the typical care provided to their same-age peers. Some conditions are prevalent among individuals with Down syndrome, including:

  • Hearing deficits

  • Congenital heart disease

  • Gastrointestinal concerns, such as celiac disease

  • Eye problems, such as cataracts or strabismus

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Atlantoaxial instability

  • Sleep apnea

  • Immunologic concerns

  • Leukemia

  • Alzheimer’s disease, early-onset

Please use the guidelines below to inform your care.

Health Supervision for individuals with Down Syndrome

DSACT’s New Parent Program brochure can be offered to families with a new diagnosis of Down syndrome. The brochure is a welcoming introduction to DSACT’s programs for parents with a very young child with Down syndrome and describes our Baby Talk and New Parent Outreach programs. The brochure is in English and Spanish. These brochures are also available in print; please contact DSACT Outreach and Operations Manager Laura Whitekettle at or (512) 323-0808 if you need additional brochures.

New Parent Program Brochure