DSACT is pleased to announce that it will provide scholarships for postsecondary education opportunities. If you are interested, please read the Eligibility Criteria and Application Requirements listed below before completing the application.


Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas

Eligibility Criteria for Postsecondary Education Scholarships


  1. This scholarship is for individuals with Down syndrome 18 years old or older who are members of the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas and live in Central Texas.
  2. The applicant must have the desire and intent to enroll and complete a class or program that will enhance his or her life through education, employment, independent living, life skills, or exploration of areas of personal or vocational interest.
  3. The applicant must have reliable transportation to get to the class/program.
  4. Provide a High School transcript.
  5. All scholarship funds must be used for courses/programs in the year applied.
  6. Scholarships requests in the current year must be submitted before JULY 15 for fall courses/programs, before NOVEMBER 15 for spring courses/programs, and before APRIL 15 for summer courses/programs.
  7. Individuals that were awarded a scholarship from DSACT will not be eligible for another scholarship in the following year, but may reapply again two years later.
  8. Our selection process for the scholarship is based on the connection between the student’s goals and the course/program and the student’s passion for and commitment to the course/program.

Scholarships will be awarded up to $1000. Funds will be issued directly to the postsecondary education or vocational program, unless receipts are provided for reimbursement to the student or family directly. The scholarship must be used to pay tuition for a postsecondary program at a college, educational institution, learning center or employment training program.


Application checklist

  1. Completed and signed application
  2. Two letters of recommendation (attachable in online application)
  3. Parent/Guardian Agreement
  4. High school transcript (a copy is acceptable) (may also attach online in application)
  5. Essay of between 100-250 words (attachable in online application)
  6. Optional: you may supplement your essay with other materials (for example, past school projects, pictures, video, artwork, poetry,  etc.). **Please contact Rachel Walker at rachel.walker@dsact.org if you choose this option to discuss how to submit. DSACT cannot return these materials.


We will contact DSACT Scholarship applicants to verify receipt of the application package. We regret that we cannot return any application materials.

If you have questions regarding the content of the application, please contact the DSACT Adult Education Director, Jon Pierce-Shimomura at jonps@austin.utexas.edu or 512-232-4137.

If you have questions or need assistance submitting your application (making copies, faxing, scanning, etc.) please contact the DSACT Administrative & Programs Coordinator, Rachel Walker at rachel.walker@dsact.org or 512-323-0808. An appointment must be made ahead of time to stop by the DSACT office for assistance.  If you are unable to complete the online application, please click here for a paper copy.