DSACT Summer Programs wrapped up this past weekend and after a session full of exciting classes, including a few week-long camps!  We asked a few of our members and instructors what they thought of their favorite programs and here's what they had to say:

Shelby is 9 and started the summer in the Intermediate swimming classes and was promoted to the Advanced class by the end of her 2nd session. She had the stroke basics down for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly before starting the summer and worked on fine-tuning. By the end of her 3rd and last session, she had increased her speed and improved the timing/coordination of all her strokes—she even does a better butterfly than Mom! The swim instructors were great, very engaged and great to work with. Shelby enjoyed the Swim Program very much this summer!”
— DSACT Member Cathy, daughter Shelby
Abrakadoodle Garden Safari
This summer, we attended DSACT’s Art Camp. With Ms. Paynter as their instructor, each day they worked on two projects, after a mini art history lesson about an artist, style, or medium. What a fun way to teach and reinforce Fine Motor skills! Painting, drawing, shaping clay, scissor skills, and even manipulating paint by blowing through straws. It was fun to watch the children enjoying an activity together, while Ms. Paynter played motivational music (“Frozen” soundtrack). Even my ‘tween must admit he had a good time. Thank you, DSACT!
— DSACT Member Paula, son Rigel
The DSACT Animation Summer Camp was so much fun and produced some great work! The students worked really hard and were able to experience the three stages of production (pre-production, production, and post production). Throughout the week we watched examples of stop motion videos to get inspired and see the results of those stages. Everyone planned story boards, created casts of characters and props, filmed their work, and even added sound effects/voice tracks to their final productions. One student made her own music using her tablet and others were able to edit theirs using professional editing software. At the end of the week the students work was featured in a showcase held for their friends and families and is now available on YouTube.
— Johnny, LUPE Art Instructor

Summer Programs included:

DSACT is proud to provide these quality Programs to our members.  An updated Program Listing and online registration for Fall 2014 will be released Monday, September 1.  Fall Programs will begin the weekend of September 14 and run through the weekend of November 15.

Please contact the DSACT Program Coordinator, Rachel Walker with any Programming questions.