Your Instructor: Jill Tibbels is the mother of a teen with Down syndrome.  She has attended the Boot Camp program since its inception and has learned how to break down the fitness movements so that everyone can understand and benefit from the exercises. She is a longtime advocate of fitness and enjoys teaching others the joy of moving their bodies and encouraging their souls. The entire curriculum for this class will be designed by Celeste Hamman, a personal and group fitness trainer for over 25 years.

Fitness Boot Camp was an excellent opportunity for a parent and child to work together at the same physical activity, while also having lots of friends around to make it fun. Jill is an enthusiastic teacher who brings out the best in the kids (and sometimes, in the parents too). The volunteers have really helped motivate the kids as well. We look forward to returning to boot camp next session
— DSACT Member Drew, daughter Christina
Anne has enjoyed going to Boot Camp on Saturdays and loved participating in the “healthy foods” conversations as well. We were told that she would never be able to run or jump by her physical therapist ever since she was a little girl, but we never gave up; we have seen her make progress through the years to where she walks very fast and can jump just a little, e.g. at Jumpoline. In recent weeks, however, she has started to jump on her own, on solid ground and obviously enjoying the sensations of “lift off”. She is also very proud of herself for truly running for the first time in recent weeks. We are all so happy that she has such a good program to go to consistently and such a great source of encouragement and enthusiasm in her teacher, Jill. We are convinced that all her friends at Boot Camp contributed to this “great leap forward”!! Thank you DSACT
— DSACT Member Susan, daughter Anne