Performing arts Class – From Broadway to Hollywood

Ages 10+ Years recommended

In this beginner theater class, students will have fun exploring the many ways to perform: acting, comedy/improvisation, musical theater, and screen-acting for movies and TV. The students will work together to build a repertoire of content adapted to their abilities, ages, preferences, and experience. The class will culminate in a performance for friends and family in a professional theater with live accompaniment, lights, and costumes. Students will be taken on a creative adventure, getting a taste of many aspects of the stage and screen while building self-confidence, having fun, and learning how to express themselves through the performing arts.

Thank you to our Program Partner, kidsActing Foundation, for collaborating with DSACT to provide this amazing opportunity!

FALL 2016 Session

The kidsActing Foundation, with teachers Dana McBride and Abbie Sage, are looking forward to the fall Performing Arts class.

This fall, we will be working on a full-scale performance. Each student will be given a role with lines and songs to practice. Whether students are interested in playing a leading role or just dance in group songs, we will find a place for everyone. The fall class will culminate in a musical showcase for friends and family before Thanksgiving, but we will continue work on the full show throughout the year, ending with a full production in late spring, complete with props and costumes. Because of the nature of our scripts, we recommend that all students be at least 10 years of age. Siblings are welcome. 




Video Animation Camps

Ages 13+ Years

During this camp, you will bring your ideas to life. You will brainstorm as we watch a series of stop motion videos and decide what story to tell. You will be able to experiment with paper, clay, drawings, or anything else you can imagine as we search for what best suites your story. At the end of the week, we will host a video screening of the work created and invite your family and friends to come and watch. Ready, Set, Stop - Motion!

This camp is supported in part by the Texas Commission on the Arts.