Designed especially for children with special needs, this swim lesson program emphasizes water safety and comfort. Our instructors will help create a safe and nurturing environment where every child can explore the world of swimming at their own pace. A parent or adult caregiver should be prepared to get in the pool for the Parent & Child class.  Our ratio is two swimmers per one instructor for special needs classes, and four swimmers to one instructor for our regular programming.

Summer Swim Program
Due to the high-cost of this program, each registrant will need to pay an additional $20 fee. If you are only registering for the Swim program, you do not need to pay the general $10 Registration Fee. Parent & Child classes are held in conjunction with the main swimming program, while the Beginner and Advanced classes are with SNAP (Special Needs Aquatics Program). At this time, siblings are not invited to participate in the Swim Program.

Parent & Child

Ages 6 months - 3 Years

This course is designed to introduce kids and parents to the aquatic environment, encourage realistic developmental expectations by parents, introduce basic safety to parent and child, and provide a positive first experience in the water. Skills include blowing bubbles, floating on front and back, kicking on front and back, social interaction through songs and play, and basic aquatic safety skills for parents. It’s a lot of fun and does a great job of preparing your child for future swim classes by helping them to learn in a structured environment in the pool. This class is as much fun for the parents as it is the kids! This class is held at the Highland Horizon Pool. Parent must participate in class.

SNAP Beginner

Ages 3 - 13 Years

 This course is an excellent opportunity for your child to learn the basics like holding their breath underwater and leg and arm movements that are necessary to swim while in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. They introduce swim techniques by the use of fun games the children enjoy playing. The swim techniques they learn here will help them to master their swimming skills. They will learn how to swim free style, backstroke, breaststroke, swimming laps with and without a kick-board or noodles, and how to jump into the pool properly. Pool safety is emphasized and independence from parent is encouraged and nurtured. This class is held in the Highland Horizon Pool.

SNAP Advanced

Ages 14+ Years

This level is intended for swimmers that can swim at least one lap on their own without assistance from instructor or floatation device. Swimmers will work on endurance, advanced technique and form for freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke. This class is held at the Sendero Springs Pool.

Rigel Swim
My two younger children attended the DSACT swimming lessons, having never had any lessons before. My son with Down syndrome, like many others, struggles with core strength, and used to just be “knocked over” by waist high water at swimming pools. He also has ZERO fear of water. Recognizing the danger that our surrounding neighbors’ pools present, lessons are a safety requirement. The first day of swimming lessons, my son’s arms and legs were all over the place - as if E.T. was in the pool! Each day, with Becca as our patient instructor, Rigel’s flutter kick became more narrow and coordinated. Now he can swim freestyle, and underwater - even diving to pick up dive sticks from the pool floor! Although no substitute for adult supervision, Rigel has gained water skills and confidence. And, as his parents, we now enjoy swimming more with them, and worry less. Thank you, DSACT!
— DSACT Member Paula, son Rigel




Cat Hollow Pool
8600 O'Connor Dr.
Round Rock, TX 78681

Phone: 512-244-2934

Season:  May - September


1 lane x 25yds, with a shallow area suitable for small children. 10 ft. mushroom fountain and two 6 ft. side by side water slides.  Lounge chairs and picnic tables are available with self-service vending.  Large covered arbor and free wireless access.

Heated men's and women's restrooms with baby changing facilities are available.




Sendero Springs Pool
4203 Pasada Lane
Round Rock, TX78681

Season:  Open Year Round (Heated to 84 degrees during cold months)


ADA compliant chair lift available.

The heated Main Pool  (8 lane x 25yds)  is open year round.  This pool is 3.5 feet to 5 feet deep with dedicated lap lanes for fitness swimming and an open recreation area with a floating crab slide and a basketball hoop.  This pool also features an ADA Lift Chair.

A large shade-covered baby pool with zero depth entry is available seasonally. Heated men's and women's restrooms with baby changing facilities are available along with free wireless access.