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We are dedicated to providing information and materials that you can use to be empowered to teach your child or student with Down syndrome. As you plan your approach, remember to focus on their ABILITIES versus disabilities.

If you believe people can learn, they WILL!

Have questions or concerns?  Contact Peggy Wolf, our Education Manager by email at peggy.wolf@dsact.org or by phone at (737) 932-5551.

upcoming conferences and networking opportunities

DSACT Annual Education seminar

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church
8134 Mesa Drive; Austin, TX 78731

“Inclusion is More Than Just ‘Being In’: Strategies & Tools that Support Full Participation and Learning of Students with Down Syndrome”

Inclusion in Action! Join us for a hands-on, active day with Cheryl M. Jorgensen, Ph.D., an international expert on the inclusion of students with Down syndrome. Come prepared to “make and take” a variety of tools and strategies that you can put to use immediately to promote the membership, participation, social relationships, and learning of students with disabilities in general education classes. You will practice making tools such as an IEP matrix, a general education lesson participation plan, a plan to improve your students’ social belonging and relationships, grade-level adapted text, visual supports tied to the curriculum, and more.

Council For Exceptional Children Division for Early Childhood 2019 Conference in Dallas, TX: 35th Annual International Conference on Young Children with Special Needs and Their Families

October 1-4, 2019
Scholarships available to attend at no cost

Green Oaks Education and Support, Inc: Improving Health and Wellness for Individuals with IDD Series

Improving Health & Wellness Flyer.png

Special Education Legal Consultations

DSACT is pleased to offer to DSACT members a free, one-time legal consultation on special education issues only. A consultation will last up to two hours. Our consultations generally focus on inclusion/placement in the least restrictive classroom environment and provision of appropriate supports and services, including modifying the curriculum. The consultation's purpose will be to help you be a better advocate for your student by giving you legal information about your special education issue. DSACT does not provide legal consultations about placement in private schools, preschool services or services after 12th grade. Our services do not include help with mediation, due process hearings or complaints to state or federal agencies. The DSACT attorney does not accompany you to meetings with school staff, including ARD meetings.

To request a special education legal consultation, complete and submit the "DSACT Special Education Legal Consultation Request Form." We will usually be able to notify you within 5-7 days after you have submitted the form if we can provide you with a legal consultation for your special education issue.

Topics of interest and Notable websites



  • Books of Interest: ARD, Behavior, Communication, Inclusion, Independence, Math, Motor Skills, and Reading


General School Topics


  • NDSC - this is a wonderful list of IEP, inclusion, and UDL (Universal Design for Learning) resources, as well as some social media pages by parents and advocates

Special Education and the IEP Process

Transition to Adulthood

Notable Websites