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This page is dedicated to providing information, tips, and materials that you can use to be empowered to teach your child or student with Down syndrome. As you plan your approach, remember to focus on their ABILITIES versus disabilities.

If you believe people with Down syndrome can learn, they WILL!

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2014-2015 Learning Program

We are pleased to announce the return of The Learning Program ™ and invite you to participate in the 2014/2015 program.

The Learning Program™ provides parents with the understanding of the learning profile of children with Down syndrome along with training and materials to help supplement traditional education.  Direct instruction for parents is provided with emphasis on literacy, math, language, fine motor, and social skills. Additionally, parents will receive an array of best practices, resources, and tools for teaching their children.

If you are interested in learning more about the program and registering for the 2014-2015 session, please click here.

Peer Presentations

A peer presentations is a short 15-20 minute classroom or grade level presentation tailored around a specific student to address any issues related to their disability that others in the class may need help to understand.

  • Peer presentations foster understanding and appreciation for diversity by using the core foundation of our schools where children naturally interact.
  • Parents and professionals alike find that when classmates understand a student's disability, they may become allies in helping the student and less likely to view accommodations or individual support as unfair advantages.

To learn more about peer presentations and how to best prepare your presentation, take a look at the following:

Additional Classroom Resources:

Inclusion Solutions

DSACT promotes the inclusion of individuals with Down syndrome in our schools, communities, recreational facilities, and places of employment.

Children with Down syndrome benefit from the same care, attention, and inclusion in community life that help every student grow.  As with all children, quality education in neighborhood schools, preschools, and at home is important to provide the opportunities needed to develop strong academic and social skills.

Special Education Legal Consultations

DSACT is pleased to offer to DSACT members a free, one-time legal consultation on special education issues only. A consultation will last up to two hours. Our consultations generally focus on inclusion/placement in the least restrictive classroom environment and provision of appropriate supports and services, including modifying the curriculum. The consultation's purpose will be to help you be a better advocate for your student by giving you legal information about your special education issue. DSACT does not provide legal consultations about placement in private schools, preschool services or services after 12th grade. Our services do not include help with mediation, due process hearings or complaints to state or federal agencies. The DSACT attorney does not accompany you to meetings with school staff, including ARD meetings.

To request a special education legal consultation, complete and submit the "DSACT Special Education Legal Consultation Request Form." We will usually be able to notify you within 5-7 days after you have submitted the form if we can provide you with a legal consultation for your special education issue.


If you are an educator, click below to download helpful tips and information that you can take to the classroom:

Educator Manual

Tips for the Classroom

My Teacher Matters to Me


Conference News

Inclusion Infusion - Collaborate for Success

When: November 15th from 9am - 4pm

Where: 5701 Springdale Rd, Austin TX 78723

Who: Open to parents and educators

Cost: $15 for parents, free for educators if registered by November 7th.

Want more information? Click here to download the flyer.