• Arboretum Barnes & Noble (map)
  • 10000 Research Blvd
  • Austin, TX, 78759
  • United States

Ages 13 - 25 Years

We’re excited to offer weekly Book Clubs for our teens and adults with Down syndrome at convenient locations near you! Our program is based on “Next Chapter Book Clubs” from the Nisonger Center at Ohio State University. Clubs consists of members with DS and two leaders with expertise in special education to read, learn and have fun together. Members vote on their favorite book to read together throughout the session in the relaxed setting of a Barnes & Noble coffee shop. Each week members take turns reading aloud together. Those with no reading ability can enjoy participation with “echo reading”. Topics in the book inevitably spark interesting conversations that facilitate socialization. Goals for our program include maintaining ability for life-long reading, fostering independence, and strengthening social skills by building long term friendships.

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