UT's Informal Classes, aimed at Adults with IDDS, offer semester long continued educational opportunities at the University of Texas at Austin for Adults with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities. This program aims to promote affordable life-long learning for adults with intellectual disabilities while providing an opportunity to connect socially with adult peers with and without intellectual disabilities on the University of Texas campus. Courses are offered through UT's informal classes program.

For each class, students may be dropped off by the UT Littlefield Café to socialize for 30 minutes with each other and volunteer students from UT. Students will then participate in an interactive discussion about the topic for the day in the Biomedical Engineering (BME) building across from the Littlefield Café. Here, they can follow along with handouts of class slides and bring in their homework to discuss with their peers. Lastly, students will complete simple but fun projects. Families can pick up their student by the café at the end of each class.


Registration information

All registration and payment of tuition takes place through UT - you do not need to pay the $10 DSACT Programs Registration Fee for these courses. To sign up for individual classes, click on the course descriptions below (purple hyperlinks) or visit the UT Informal Classes website at https://informal.utexas.edu/adults-intellectual-and-developmental-disabilities

Full or partial scholarship are available for adults with Down syndrome via DSACT or Ruby's Rainbow.

Please address all questions to Program Coordinator Jon Pierce.   Phone: 512-529-9331           Email: pierceshimomura@gmail.com 


Course Schedule

Complete course schedule can be found online at: https://informal.utexas.edu/adults-intellectual-and-developmental-disabilities